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Do these questions seem familiar? 

  • Music loving public and Music Industry executives - “Where do you find new music?”
  • Musicians – “How do we get our music to a wider audience, including industry personnel”

With so many industry people currently not working or looking to re/invent themselves, we’re working together with established and emerging talent to bring our show to where people are currently watching music – the internet.

The Online Music TV Show will broadcast every Friday at 7pm UK Time

Our Mission Statement:  "To create a weekly, cross genre, internet hosted UK wide original music show curated by a network of studios and A&R talent scouts, featuring the key aspects of heritage terrestrial shows with emphasis on emerging and generally undiscovered music via; exposure, educational elements, industry input and commitment, embracing a music community ethos. Our website will  feature industry support elements, viewer offers and exclusive downloadable content that equitably rewards the talent who created it”.

The team behind The Show are financing an initial run and in exchange for your participation, you’ll be mentioned on the website and / or credits by logo and / or name.

We’ll take a financial view once we’re up and running. 

Everything we do will strive to be transparent and always putting the artist at the centre of what we do.

With a whole heap of development plans, we hope that you’ll join us …and stay as we build something memorable

We’re in the advanced stages of Production and we’re looking for some key personnel to join us so if you would like to be part of the show, please complete this form below and we will get back to you very shortly.

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STUDIO PARTNER – UK Wide studios/ venues with both audio and video facilities to record 4 numbers per act “as live”
MEDIA SUPPORT – Social Media, Marketing, PR, journalists …anyone that can help us get the message out there
PRODUCTION SUPPORT – Helping us to ensure that the video/ audio quality from studio to our Head of Production is spot on
LISTENING PANEL – Opinionated about music? An agent, manager, label, publicist…just love music…your view will feed into our Show Bookers and help drive content
PRESENTER - Are you the next TV Star? As part of a presenting bank you’ll be introducing our acts
OTHER – All ideas welcome!
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